Titel: Hessische Landesanstalt für privaten Rundfunk und neue Medien

LPR Hessen - The regulatory authority for commercial broadcasting in Hesse

The LPR Hessen is in charge of commercial broadcasting in Hesse. On national issues and services, it cooperates with the other 14 regulatory authorities in Germany.

Broadcasting is regulated by a number of laws, foremost the Hessian Media Law. The Interstate Broadcasting Treaty, the Treaty for the Protection of Minors in the Media as well as a number of further laws, treaties and their relevant European directives also apply.

The LPR Hessen was founded in 1989. The head of the administration is the director, Joachim Becker (since 2014). The Media Council has 30 members, that represent all groups of society.

The key responsibilities of the LPR Hessen are:

Licencing private broadcasters

The LPR Hessen is the only authority, that can grant licences for tv or radio services in Hesse. Under the Interstate Broadcasting Treaty, the LPR Hessen can also grant licences for services that are transmitted all over Germany via Satellite.

Programme / Telecommunications Services Monitoring

The LPR Hessen monitors the programmes and services it has licensed to check, whether the licencees adhere to the programme guidelines, the regulations for the protection of minors and human dignity, and the advertising rules. It also monitors the telecommunications services (i. e. world wide web), as far as they are located in Hessia.

Technical Infrastructure

The LPR Hessen supports technical infrastructures as well as new transmission technologies: to enhance the attractiveness of Hesse for the media industry and thus for the consumers, the LPR Hessen supports the introduction of new broadcasting techniques and other media technologies. Technical distribution of digital radio and digital tv is supported by the LPR Hessen.


DVB-T stands for Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial and is the European standard for the broadcast transmission of digital terrestrial television. DVB-T has been implemented in the Rhein-Main area in December 2004. There can be received 23 channels digitally. Since June 2006 DVB-T is implemented in the whole state for Hesse. Outside of the Rhein-Main area only public stations can be received.


Digital audio broadcasting or DAB is a fairly new technology for broadcasting audio programming in digital form. The digital way of broadcasting has many advantages over the analog broadcasting – DAB enables higher fidelity, greater noise immunity and mobile services. Since several years in Hesse DAB can be received. At present 7 private and 2 public-law channels are on air.

Media Literacy and Media Education

The LPR Hessen has to contribute to the training and education in the use of the media. The LPR Hessen has developed many activities in this area. The projects centering on media education and media literacy aim at enhancing the competent use of the media by children and adolescents. The sensible use of the media can also be supported by offering advice to parents and others involved in the education of the young. Media education is an important part of the protection of minors in the media society.

Community Media

Open Channels on Cable: Community-TV

Open Channels on Cable are quite often described as "broadcasting of the third kind". Here, citizens and social groups, associations or institutions are allowed to create and broadcast programs they have prepared themselves for television. The arrangement and administration of Open Channels on Cable are part and parcel of the efforts made by LPR Hessen to support the development of media literacy among television users. In Hesse Open Channels on Cable are affiliated to the LPR Hessen. At the moment 4 channels exist in Kassel, Fulda, Gießen und Offenbach/Frankfurt. The Open Channels on Cable manage their own air time, they supervise the broadcasting sequency and help citizens in developing television contributions.

Non-commercial Local Radio: Community Radio

Because of the diversity of opinion the LPR Hessen has licensed Non-commercial Local Radio. These radio channels shall give as much as possible groups of the community a platform for issues, which are attended less in other media. The financing of these radio channels in Hesse is based on membership-fees, contributions and subsidies paid by the LPR Hessen. Advertising and sponsorship are forbidden.

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